Keyshia Cole Can’t Keep A Man

We all know Keyshia is press to get a man and then when she gets one she runs him off. Run Daniel ! Run! (Daniel Gibson)

Remember she was dating Young Jezzy and she ran him off by trying to get him to put a ring on it.

Then she gets the man she said was the love of her life and if you watch the same reality show that I did ,you would have seen how she treated her soon to be ex husband …. She was so hateful, mean and rude to him.

Now she on Instagram crying about she can’t find nobody!

Keyshia might still have her husband if she talked to him more than she post on Twitter & instagram…when she has a problem ..

She puts her business out there and then gets mad when somebody speak on it…

If she went this hard for her marriage she might not be going thur this!


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