Dwayne Wade Has A New Baby Mama , But It Ain’t Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union must be one of those chicks that thinks a piece of man is better than no man at all.

Rumor has it that Dwayne fathered  baby boy with some chick he was messing with while him and Gabrielle was on a break.
A source says that Gabrielle was told about the baby when the chick let Dwayne know she was going to keep the baby. Who is this chick ???…Well this suppose to be this her below by the  name Sandrina.
But i Guess Gabrielle figure i better get with it  while he is  still around ….. Her and Dwayne got engaged last week just in time to get her shine on before the baby came!

Gabrielle took to tweeter after the announce about the baby came out…..check out the tweets below:tweets













Gabrielle must not know the same way you get a man well be the same way you lose him … talking all that mess about you complete me is crap…she about to learn if she don’t know!

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