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30% off My Favorite Books and Contest
Enter to win the My Favorite Person contest and win $2,500. All My Favorite Person books are discounted 30% off.

 Entrants must create a Blurb book and submit by dates on the website based upon the category selected. Entrants may submit a book for each category. Books must be made with Blurb (not another print company) to be considered. 
Contest entries must be submitted by 4/28 and 5/31, based upon respective categories. The 30% off discount is valid through 5/31.

Create, Publish, Sell

Announcing BookWright and Blurb to Amazon: Two New Additions to Blurb’s Indie Publishing Platform
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Blurb has exciting news! Blurb just launched their all new desktop publishing app, BookWright, which gives you the ability to create a print book and an ebook from a single file, as well as free ISBNs. Blurb is also expanding their indie publishing platform for photo paper books with Blurb to Amazon- a new option for selling on This week is definitely one for the books. Get started on your book now and save 15% on all printed orders through April 30th! 

Hott Sellers

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I don’t make up story’s or post just any story on my blog…Yes I hear stuff.. get emails about stuff and even read stuff… but if there is no real proof , i do not and will not put it up… I can pull the shade down and let it back up with some dignity and respect.I see blogs make up story’s or see other blogs with lots of followers post a story so they have to because they think it’s going to get them seen and knowned. I see blogs take pictures that they got from google and stamp it with they logo and call it there own…i have had bloggers email me about these pictures …. it’s not yours just because you put a logo on it!

We all trying to get somewhere….. some just don’t play fair… they think of right now instead of how they look later..You can’t win when you ain’t right with in!


Diamond Interview With The Breakfast Club

Scrappy & Mamma Dee says Diamond is lying…Scrappy says Diamond is a Lying industry ho…. who is fake has her fake ass and $20k teeth…. Mamma Dee weighs in and says she could not take nothing from Diamond because she had nothing to take… and Diamond is just mad & bitter because she is not with Scrappy.

Diamond could be lying, because if it was that bad why is she just now speaking up about it… remember when mama dee say that Diamond pu**y stanked up her whole house….?

Diamond is just speaking now and doing interviews because she has this reality tv show produced by T.I. coming soon called “Sister Hood Of HipHop” so she needs a little drama to kick it off!